Another project for the To Do list...

Photo: Country Living
Years ago, my daughter said that if something didn't move, I'd make a lamp out of it. Canning jars (filled with beach glass, thread spools, etc.), unusual vessels, old jugs...they all got electrified. My favorite lamp transformation was a white porcelain four part coffee pot. I can't remember how I came to own it, but the the little knob on the lid of the piece had been broken off. I drilled and drilled, trying to break through the lid and finally had to hand it over to my dad to complete. I know I still have the lamp--packed away in the basement, no doubt, but when I came across this picture in Country Living it made me think about my lamp.
I have a collection of unusable teapots...hairline cracks or assorted other boo I think I'm going to try and cobble a new lamp together for the sun porch. Hope my drill skills have improved!


Mad Red Hare said…
I saw that one too, and loved it. I would like to have one like that. I must keep my eye out for some cool tea pots.
Vee said…
That was a fun idea, but too scary for me to try. Of course, it's not too tough for you and I do hope that you'll show us the end result.
Love this Teresa...and if you get one done, you have to post it for us!! I haven't gotten into the drilling thing...but I have lots of the jar lamps filled with rosehips, rag balls, spools and such.
You always find such great ideas!!!
Sue said…
Can't wait to see what you come up with. Are you going to try to find your old one to show us as well?

Have a GREAT weekend!
Kathy said…
What a clever idea for some of the "treasures" I am finding as I sort out the basement! Please be sure to share your lamp efforts should you decide to give it a go! Good luck with the drill! ~Kathy