2007 Revisited

If only I could do a few Christmas photographs and edit out the 'mess' of my house surrounding the decorations...too much work for this evening.

Instead, I've edited a photo from last Christmas which includes one of my very favorite dolls...from Miss Fanny Turgeon. I love this old red chest...I keep essential oils in it and I love the combined fragrances that waft from the open drawers.

My classes are over for this semester; I had a final exam this evening after a long day at work. I'm counting down 'til the weekend--lots of holiday things to finish up, but more importantly, time to breathe.


Pink Ornaments

What a nice Sunday...the usual hanging out at home doing not too much, followed by a trip to Newburgh for a house tour. It's been unusually cold here--mid 20's for the past two days, but at least it was bright and sunny today.
Even though I had my camera with me, and I could have taken pictures in one of the homes, I kind of forgot.
Since I can't do a pictureless post, here are two of the ornaments I received for my birthday. I purchased lots of pink ornaments this year...the tree is in pinks and silvers. I'm saving more tree pics for one of the many Holiday Open House Parties in blogland.

All I Want for Christmas...

A Westie...the commercials this little dog is featured in (Target? Cesar's Dog Food?) just make me stop whatever I'm doing and watch the screen...what I don't do is pay attention to what is being advertised. What a cute little guy...please, Santa?


A little insomnia...

Friday night, verging into Saturday morning...it's a flashback to my last year in high school. That's what happens when I fall asleep early-ish on the sofa--I wake up to infomercials. This one wasn't so bad...I remember watching this TV show every Friday night--usually with a group of friends. Friday night football or basketball games, followed by a sleepover at a friend's house...TV in the early 70's--Friday Night 'Fright' Theatre and Midnight Special. Good times.


OMG...I finished!

Here's the hat...directions followed explicitly---and it was easy! If I would have worked on it continually, it would have taken about four or five hours from start to finish. One skein of yarn (I used Plymouth Yarn-Galway), two sizes of needles, and voila! Christmas Moose approves.


{Knitting Little Luxuries}

By my chair...and as I look at it, I wonder why the turquoise yarn isn't there...must be on the sofa under the coverlet. I'm making this hat in turquoise for Megan, and it's my first adventure in actually following a knitting pattern. I try, but usually go off on my own, improvising and ending up not being too happy with the outcome. Those pears...I 'overfelted' them to hide the decrease boo boos.
Meg liked this hat style, but said I could leave the buttons off; I reminded her of all of the colorful basic buttons we purchased last summer for an apron, and we're going to embellish the turquoise hat with red, yellow, and hot pink buttons.

The pattern comes from this book...Knitting Little Luxuries. It has some really pretty and (from what I've heard) easy to complete projects. I'd like the Juliet scarf for myself...but I really don't think I'm up to any lace knitting.
I'm looking forward to finishing up decorating this weekend and posting some holiday pictures. A Friday evening trip to New Harmony (The Christmas Walk) and a Sunday trip to Newburgh for the annual House Tour should also call for some nice photo opportunities. Better charge up the batteries!


The Heat Is On

December 1, 2008, 6:15 PM. Teresa acquiesced and turned on the furnace. A new all-time record.

A new month begins...

December 1 already. I really can't believe how fast time passes; once we hit the slippery slope of Labor Day, in a blink of an eye it's almost time for Christmas. One day I complain about the heat and humidity, the next day (it seems) I'm griping about the damp and cold.

My little projects are moving right along; knitting, piecing two lap quilts, and working on BUNCO gifts. I have two swaps to mail out this week...waiting for the paint to dry on two pieces. Just two more weeks of school--and I'm nine hours closer to my MPSA.