The Heat Is On

December 1, 2008, 6:15 PM. Teresa acquiesced and turned on the furnace. A new all-time record.


nanatrish said…
This is adorable. I love that song and around here you better have the heat on. We had snow flurries today and it has been really chilly. I love to get all warm and cozy. Hooray for winter.
Anonymous said…
Girl, you did better than we have. Our heat has been on for several weeks. My mother lives with us, and she is always, always cold.
Hey Teresa...
I saw the title of your post pop up and that song immediately started running through my head!!! LOL I was just coming by to tease you about it...when I saw it on the You Tube, how funny!!!
Stay warm!!!
Janet said…
Congratulations, what do you have your thermostat set at?


PS. Our pipes would have been frozen solid by now, but yesterday was 60 degrees. Go figure.
Vee said…
Thank you! It was getting chilly. LOL!