A new month begins...

December 1 already. I really can't believe how fast time passes; once we hit the slippery slope of Labor Day, in a blink of an eye it's almost time for Christmas. One day I complain about the heat and humidity, the next day (it seems) I'm griping about the damp and cold.

My little projects are moving right along; knitting, piecing two lap quilts, and working on BUNCO gifts. I have two swaps to mail out this week...waiting for the paint to dry on two pieces. Just two more weeks of school--and I'm nine hours closer to my MPSA.


Vee said…
Wow! Just nine hours from earning that degree...must be very exciting!

I am finally joining you for Simple Pleasures. Must be that I can't stop making lists. :D

No kidding about the time...it's always on the march.