Fall Friday

What a beautiful day...crisp, sunny, almost perfect! The maple tree in this picture is always so beautiful...I was waiting for the color to be just right, but I was afraid if I waited too long it would be leafless.

The city designated my street as one of the many bicycle paths in town. On a good day, it's hard to even cross the street. Don't know how well the bicycles will fare. Pretty amusing...we all thought they were going to actually make bicycle lanes.
The hydrangea bush that bloomed so profusely this season. The flowers are still pretty, and the new blooms are a wonderful color.

My friend, the garden spider. This guy joins us for breaks every day at the library. He's built the perfect web on a garden light on the patio. Kinda scary, but beautiful.
My camera battery is charging now, and I'll be taking lots of pictures in New Harmony tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to your New Harmony pictures! D~~~~

Vee said...

Those are great photos of the spider and the hydrangea. I can just imagine it made into a dried wreath in order to enjoy it even longer. So that bike lane...no cars are supposed to be in it, I hope.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Teresa; Love your photos they are so pretty. But I must say that is one Ugly spider. ick,,, I really don't like them....


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Beautiful pictures!
I love the hydrangea in the fall. Ours become a deep burgundy.
Great shot of the spider, too. But, Yikes!

Kimberly :)

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