Crazy Busy

It's amazing just how much more I can accomplish at home if I'm not hovering around the laptop. I'm 'jonesin' on blog deprivation...can't wait to catch up with everyone...but that will have to wait until the weekend. My internet provider will not replace my defective (probably overused) cable modem, so I need to purchase a new one--when I get a chance to go look for one.

I'm anticipating a quiet evening at home, a pot of tea (or a cold beer), feet propped up, and planning for a fun weekend off. One of my favorite little towns is having a holiday open house, and one of the shops is known for the fabulous food they serve during this time. My friend and I will be heading to New Harmony on Saturday...can't wait!


nanatrish said...

Your weekend sounds fun. I wish I could go with you guys. I have been too busy also. I don't know when I'll get to rest. oh well, in heaven, I guess.

Please drop over to my blog. You have been given an award. love your posts.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Teresa; Sounds like your weekend is going to be a fabulous one, don't forget your camera, lol like I have to remind you.. ha ha Silly me.
Eat something wonderful for me too.


Vee said...

Holiday open houses...ahhh, yes, it is the time. Must keep my eyes peeled for those in my corner.

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