I can only attribute my over-active thought processes to an increase in my caffeine intake. I took a little break in the dress form project, but will be back at it after work this evening. In the meantime, I finally received my Folk Art Halloween book from Amazon. It took 7 days to cross one state. Hmmm...the book has a few really cute projects--the Gypsy Witch is a favorite, but for the most part, there's nothing really new and different. Supplies from the stash have been pulled for other projects and gifts, and I keep jotting ideas down for things I want to make. Quite a change from a mere week ago.

More dress form pics will be posted later in the day...


I am such a book addict. But I have been disappointed in some of my choices (in the craft realm)...great covers, excited about something new, but little to offer when I finally get them.

Good to hear your review on this one. Thanks.

Btw.....did you ever find the "what's its name" doll pattern from Kindred Spirits??? I am still looking for that one

Have a good day!!!
Junie Moon said…
I'm glad you shared this about the Halloween book as I'm a sucker for Halloween projects.

I don't drink coffee, never have for some reason, but Mountain Dew is my choice when I need what I call "get up and go juice".
Anonymous said…
Sorry that you are a bit disappointed with your new book. I hate when that happens.

Too much caffeine does strange things to me. And, I seem to manage to do a few strange things on my own - without caffeine.
Anonymous said…
Love the sign! Very funny and sadly true at times. D~~~~
Cottage Rose said…
Teresa; I love the coffee sign. It is so true. At least for me. haha.

Have a good day.

Vee said…
I'll be watching...

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