Dress Form Tutorial, part three

First, a disclaimer...no models were hurt in this experiment/project. A deep sense of 'freedom' was experienced when she was released from her trash bag suit of duct tape. Bear in mind, the temperatures have been a bit hot and sticky along the Ohio River Valley, so air-conditioning and fans were adjusted to benefit the bagged one. Actual time spent bagged and tagged: 30 minutes. The change in beverage, from wine to Coke Zero...my model decided to fly the coop for a bit after our little project, and we're firm believers in NOT drinking and driving. My glass of wine came a bit later in the evening. Now, on to the next step.

**After removing the form, tape the inside seam of the center back with several layers of tape, once again in several directions. (This step is reminiscent of cleaning a turkey cavity)

**Continue taping on the outside of the seam. build up the arm holes and neck hole area.

**As the neckline is built up, add a circle of cardstock to form a bit of a neck line. For an actual 'neck', I used fiberfill stuffed in a stocking leg.

**Add layers of tape over this to secure.

** Close off the arm holes with a circle of cardstock, and tape over them securely. Remember, you are going to fill the cavity with expanding foam insulation...you don't want any of this to escape.

**As you are taping on the outside of the form, it's helpful to insert a small pillow in the hollow form.

**After the form is sealed, somewhat, I lined it once again with a smaller trash bag, just for safety's sake. Spray in foam insulation. I used 2 cans and didn't begin to fill the void. I'm going to finish stuffing the form with fiberfill, and packing peanuts.

While this has been a really fun-type project, and we've gotten lots and lots of laughs from it, it is not turning out quite the way I expected it to. I still want a real dress form.

To smooth out the outside, I plan on covering the form with a latex spackle. More photos to follow Friday morning. I hope that between now and then, this resembles a dress form more than it does the Tin Man.

1 comment:

Vee said...

Hahahaha...your daughter needs some sort of recompense for this little chore. Sounds positively ghastly for her!

Well, I hope that we get to see the finished product. I am concerned that you still want a real model. ;>

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