Wedding on the river

Photo courtesy Illinois Department of Natural Resources
This morning, a few of us from the library ventured into southern Illinois to Cave-In-Rock State Park for a wedding. There's really not much going on in southern Illinois...the population of the state tends to be all in the north, around Chicago. Cave-In-Rock. Population 350. It was a beautiful day for the wedding...blue skies, sunshine, and a breeze to ward off humidity.

The bride was our friend Deloris. She's the person who hired me at the library, and she was my supervisor until about a year and a half ago.
She met someone not very long ago, decided that "when it's right, it's right" and the wedding planning began. It was a very nice wedding...and I wish them all the happiness they deserve.


Fran said...

Congratulations Deloris!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spot for a wedding. My congratulations and best wishes to your friend Deloris and her special someone.

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