Bookcase Workshop

I would really like to make one of these bookcase workshops to get a real handle on the miscellany of arts and crafts I enjoy. Actually putting this together seems doable, and it would satisfy my hardware store shopping desires.
I saw this "craft armoire" a few months ago in Martha Stewart Living. The directions for assembly are available on her website.
I love the way it contains all things crafty...and it's so very neat and organized.
It would incorporate all of the little craft storage items I already have, and the pegboard liner would be great for visually keeping track of what I have.
This is definitely on my major list of things to do...probably later in the summer when it's too hot to do anything outside. Two bookcases, bun feet, wheels, and a little "sweat equity."


Anonymous said…
That is just wonderful! What an clever concept. Hurry up, I want to see your finished product. ;-)
Vee said…
I want one of those, too! I really do. Don't forget to show us the end result!
joyh82 said…
Wow, I want one of these! This is so neat. Thanks for sharing the pic.
Anonymous said…
Oh Geez, now I want one too!!! LOL I would love to try this... Someone also blogged about an office in a hope chest on her site awhile back..loved it too.
Too many projects....too little time!!!! LOL
Would love to see what yours looks like when you finish!