A walk around the corner

One of my friends (a co-worker and a 'round the corner' neighbor) is moving this weekend. We've spent a bit of time together in the past few weeks...very early one morning a few weeks ago, someone (with a gun) broke into her little cottage. Nothing was taken, but there was still that feeling of violation. Fortunately, Beth wasn't at home...she was spending time with friends before a tour of Ireland with fellow musicians (Rowan Tree--blogged about right around St. Pat's Day).
This move was planned--she will be moving closer to her grown children, and she's about to become a granny for the second time. She's landed a really cool job in a really cool little town.
Beth spent a few nights at my house...too creepy staying at the cottage right after the incident. No one was arrested, and we're all on 'high alert'...he seems to be hitting homes with single women inside. The whole neighborhood has been on the news several times lately...lots of house break-ins and such. One of the off-duty policemen I talk to at work says this happens all the time, every year. This time it's happening in my 'hood.
Last night Beth stopped over to drop off a gift (a rubbing she made while in Ireland--so charming--photo to follow soon). We had a Blue Moon, talked over old and new events, and then she was supposed to take home my set of little wrenches so she could disassemble her bed.
This morning I noticed the little toolkit was still on the coffee table. After a quick e-mail, I told her I'd leave it in her mail slot.
This is Beth's cool little cottage...situated on an alley in the historic area of downtown. There are a few big homes in the area that have been converted into apartments. This little gem is oh-so-charming.
The other homes I've photographed are in between her house and mine. Most have been renovated in recent years. Aren't they gorgeous?
Lots of garden accessories and beautiful old roses. These people take wonderful care of their home and garden.
The side and rear of this house (above) features a huge glass enclosed sunroom. It's one of those places they leave the lights on in, and after dark, the view is spectacular.
On one hand, lots has happened since my last two pathetic little posts. On the other hand...it's all pretty much the same. Since the last post, I've recovered from a brown recluse spider bite on my big toe (of all things!!), I've graduated, and I've concentrated on "doing" instead of thinking about it. Thank you for the kind e-mails inquiring about the silence. I shall resume blog visits this evening. It's almost like saving up a pile of magazines to enjoy after completing a task...my treat for today will be visiting all of you!


Tara said...

Recluse spider bites are BAD! Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to click on your blog this morning and find you here.

Sorry about the spider bite - so nasty. I'm glad you are recovering.

Reading about what is going on in your hood makes me so sad. What is wrong with people? Your friend is so blessed to have you.

Vee said...

Teresa! I am so happy to see you out and about and posting, too. Thank you for stopping by so I'd know.

That spider bite sounds nasty. So sorry that you got it in the first place. Yuck.

Your neighborhood tour is lovely...such a charming, quaint area of town.

It sickens me to think that someone is breaking in. I can only imagine the sense of violation that it causes and the ripple effects of that violation. Hope that whoever-it-is is caught soon.

No fun to have your friend be moving even if she is moving on to better things. It'll leave a divot in your life. Course things aren't nearly as bad as they once were with email and blogs, etc.

Take good care...keep blogging. What's next on your agenda?

Janet said...


So glad you are back. It's amazing to me how much we can miss friends that we have never laid eyes on. Loved your tour. I went on a house tour today and will post garden/exterior pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Love the home tour....lovely, lovely homes!!

Hate it about the spider bite, I have heard really nasty things about those...hope you are doing well with it.

And just glad to see you back!!!

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