Mandy, the Herbgirl of Calendula Court, tagged me with the "7 Random Things" meme. In random order, here they are:

1) I watch (or listen to) way too much television. It accompanies most of my daily activities. I usually sleep with the TV volume low to mask the sounds of my loud neighbor and his 3 dogs. 2) I love to cook and have a not-so-secret dream of having a little cafe of my own. 3) I love Spring and Fall, and greatly dislike the "dog days of Summer" and cold, messy, gloomy Winter. 4) I love herb gardens...working around those wonderful scents is great relaxation. 5) I've dabbled in Aromatherapy for around 15 years and love mixing essential oils. 6) Tulips and peonys are my favorite flowers, and 7) Coke Zero has replaced my former favorite soft drink--Coke Classic.
Anyone who wants to play...consider yourself tagged!


Janet said…
That peony is beautiful. I can almost smell it!
Vee said…
A little café of your own? I think that is a lovely idea. What would you serve? How would you decorate? Would it be in your own hometown or would you relocate?

Gosh, I'm nosy today!
Loved learning these little tidbits. How fun to own a cafe! And I love peonies too!
Enjoyed reading more about you, my favorite flower would have to be a tulip. But, peonies are so beautiful too, great choice.