Sunday--my favorite day of the week

It's been very quiet around here this weekend; I was away all day yesterday--at work during the daytime, and in the evening a large group of us celebrated a birthday at the Log Inn located in Warrenton, Indiana. This is Indiana's oldest restaurant, built in 1825. The place seats 500, and it looked to be jam-packed when we got there. Fried chicken and roast beef, all served "family style" with really good mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, slaw, and rolls...what a good meal!

I'm still not satisfied with all of my re-arranging of furniture from Friday. I'm thinking the bookcases would look really good flanking the front window, but the thought of unloading, moving, and reloading the bookcases sounds a bit overwhelming to me right now. Since it's been bugging me for more than a few days, maybe I'll try to tackle it this afternoon while I watch The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton . I missed it the first time around, and then found a DVD at the library last week. That will be my Super Bowl "pre-game" show. The main event for the day (how boring is my life??), will be a Jane Austen double-header; the local PBS affiliate received so many complaints about their programming last Sunday, so they are showing the current week's Austen offering followed by last week's Mansfield Park.

My photos today are a bit scattered...I've had the "VooDoo on the Bayou" print for several years. I purchased it at the airport in New Orleans while we were delayed there for a few hours...time to look around the airport, not enough time to leave it. Anyway, as soon as we got home, I took the print to have it matted and framed. It's been sitting propped against various walls of 3 different houses. I finally wired the frame so I could hang it. In honor (?) of Mardi Gras, it now graces my living room fireplace mantel. Valentine cards from a card swap I'm in are starting to fill the apothocary jar.

I received a purchase from Kathy's Cottage yesterday in the mail. I've been admiring these hearts around blogland lately...visit her Etsy Shop...she has really pretty things!


Janet said...

That restaurant sounds wonderful. I can almost smell the smoke from the fireplace ( I am sure there must be at least one) and taste the mashed potatoes. Sometimes comfort food is just so necessary.


bj said...

I knew that was a Kathy Heart when I first saw it...I am such a fan of hers. I have 2 hearts from her talented hands and plan to have some more soon!
hugs, bj

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