Saturday Solitude...and more decorating!

It's quiet around the house this morning, as it is most mornings. I have little projects planned for today...finishing up a Christmas letter...it's been a few years since I've sent out Christmas cards and I want to give a brief update on our lives far away from old friends and relatives...addressing cards, finishing up a knitted wrap I started last year before Christmas, finish a set of pears I've been knitting off and on for a few months so I can felt them today, going out to Kohl's to look at their Nostalgia collection of ornaments...I read about them on a blog yesterday and they're just what I need to complete the mantel decorating (a pure rip-off of the cover of Merry & Bright....old glass bottles with ornament toppers), bake Christmas Nut cookies from the Susan Branch Christmas from the Heart of the Home cookbook (just like Mexican Wedding cakes), and finally...wrap gifts. Oh...and finish my final paper for the semester for class...based on three of the four plays we've read in the past four weeks. At least there's no final exam to study for! Other than the paper, none of these projects should take much time, and of course, some can be done almost at the same time...love that multitasking! I think that first on the list (after more coffee), will be to head out to Kohl's...it's what I dread most...shopping on a Saturday during the Christmas season, but I can be in and out with what I want and then settle back into the nest for the remainder of the day.

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Janet said...

It has never occurred to me to look for Christmas decorations at Kohl's and I seem to be there quite often for there many sales. I think another one starts tomorrow with the Kohl's cash. Just when I thought things around here were done except for cutting fresh greens. Maybe they won't have anything that appeals to me, yeah:>)

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