After Kohl's...

Kohl's was quite the place to be this morning. Fortunately, our town has 2 stores and the one on the westside is an easy in/easy out type of place. All of the ornaments and Christmas items were 65% off...The "mercury glass" kugel-type tealight holder was just $5.00 and the "mercury glass" pedestal was $19.00, reduced from $49.99. It was a must-have to display the glitter cottage. The mercury glass is so heavy...and I love the fact that the pieces can all be used after Christmas. They had so many nostalgic ornaments...reflector type, so many "Old World" knock-offs, all just beautiful. I stuck with just small round ornaments for the bottles since they would fit the scale a bit more. The large ornament to the right of the pedestal is one of my favorites...pinkish mercury glass. A long twist of white garland and little white lights behind everything and the mantel will be officially finished. I purchased a few more mercury glass pieces...all at great discount, but I'll save the finished mantle photos for a later date.


kari and kijsa said…
Beautiful finds! we will have to trek out to our Kohls to see if there are any left!

kari & kijsa
PAT said…
I haven't been to Kohls in awhile. I see I need to pay them a visit!

Beautiful things you found, there!

Thanks for coming to visit me today, sorry I missed you, stepped out for a little while. My sister's name is Teresa...great finds at Kohl's, looks like I'll have to head on over there...
We don't have a Kohls near us. Your decorations are beautiful!
I have not made it to Kohl's yet...
I have to go tomorrow!
Unknown said…
We have a Kohl's near us also. They have the best sales ever. Your colors for Christmas are wonderful too. I love your new header. Blessings, Karen
Monica said…
OMg I hadnt seen these but am so gonna be heading to a few KOHLS!
Tahnks for sharing :)