Merry & Bright

It seems like I've been "on hold" for this book almost forever! The editors have outdone themselves on this one; it's filled with wonderful ideas for Christmas decorating...301 ideas, to be exact. The colors and themes used throughout the book are so appealing...wish I could just twitch my nose and have everything decorated. Wouldn't that be oh-so-cool?


Oh! That looks like a wonderful book! I am going to the bookstore to check it out.
bj said…
Looks like a great Penny, I will sure check this one out at the bookstore.
Dena said…
Oh what I wouldn't give to have a nose twitch cover more than a few things on my list! I'll be looking for that book :)

Vee said…
Ohhhhh, nooooo, that looks like something I need and badly. And you were on a list for it? Oh dear! I have really enjoyed looking at the exquisite photos you have here. Must send Terri of Windlost over here to see the mercury glass.

Thanks for stopping by...that was quick, too, I had just been at Shocking Pink.
Heidi said…
OH my! Just today in the mail I received my copy of this very book, "Merry & Bright", and I just LOVE it! It's filled with wonderful ideas!