Black Friday

This Christmas tree is located in our library lobby. I've pulled out lots of holiday decorations in the past few days when I haven't been cooking...it's definitely going to be a more scaled-down look. If I can force myself, I'd like to visit Target this afternoon...they usually have rosemary topiaries and Christmas trees. I'd like one for one of the mantles, and perhaps a Norfolk Island pine. I have lots of little Christmas trees...various sizes...and I think I'll use them throughout the house instead of putting up one huge artificial tree. I'm still lovin' the idea of turquoise, pink & silver...lighter and airier.
I'm already tired of the holiday ads...big sales if you want to get up and shop at 4AM. I'm feeling more of a handmade Christmas coming on...that way, crowds can be avoided and frustrations can be minimal.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I am sooo with you! I do not go out the day after Thanksgiving. I really don't like crowds. My company left this morning and I am catching up with all my blog friends. I am going to decorate all week long and hopefully by the end of next weekend I will have some pictures.

bj said...

I wouldn't venture out of my house on Black Friday for anything...I don't have to, now that I don't have teenagers living in my house! Ha...My daughter and son do go to these sales at 4 am, however, and save TONS of money on IPods, tvs, all electronics.

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