SOS - or - Sewing On Sunday

I'm so jazzed about making draperies for my livingroom!! I visited Lowe's this afternoon and purchased a dropcloth 12x15. That will be enough fabric for both windows in the livingroom. All I have to do is cut the fabric and run a hem down the long side. I have some really cool iron curtain brackets with a cutout for a wooden shelf, but I think I'm going to do this the quick way and use upholstery tacks. Grapevine has been pulled off the back fence; I'm using it for tie-backs. I'm sure I can find some fall floral picks to fill it in with.

Really nice pots of mums were on sale at Lowe's for $1.99. Hope I can keep them alive for a few days inside...we're expecting cooler temps by mid-week.


I saw that idea at idea too..Can I ask you how much the drop clothes are? funny, your to do list looks exactly like mine! minus studying for the quiz...enjoyed your blog, Gail