What I Learned from Reading Blogs This Week...

The big idea this week comes from Present Past Collection . It never occurred to me to use canvas dropcloths to make curtains. I have a huge window in my livingroom...and the ceilings are 13 feet, with the window hitting within a foot of the ceiling. I've searched for draperies, but they're too cost-prohibitive to buy for a rental. Even the thought of purchasing fabric to make the draperies is expensive. If I can spend around $28.00 and cover that huge window, it would be spectacular. To further the idea...one of those dropcloths would provide plenty of fabric to make a slipcover for a wingchair. What a deal! The slipcover would be in the style of the chairs at Daisy Cottage .
In the "good recipes" department, I found a wonderful recipe for Stewed Red Cabbage with Italian Sausage and White Beans from Champaign Taste . Too hearty for our current 95 degree temperature, but it will be a --good thing--later in the week.

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Bristol said...

Ii enjoyed reading your blog, it's great! Thanks for letting me visit!

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