School Days

Reading and understanding William Shakespeare is so much easier when you have a movie to watch. I can read and re-read the play and I always get confounded by those pesky footnotes. Over the weekend I watched the Kevin Kline version of A Midsummer Night's Dream and it was so helpful. This evening in class, our teacher ran clips of the same movie starring Mickey Rooney...as a childish Puck...it was a very old movie. At least now I have a firm grasp of the characters and trickery of the play. On to Hamlet...

Now that the Monday evening class is over, I can get back to fretting about my BUNCO menu and getting my drapes finished. Not too much more work to do on them, but it will be at least Wednesday before I get a chance to work on them again...and I'll need to take pictures of my Halloween "finery."

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Catching Up

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