Will this be a return to blogging?

Being sequestered...it is a semi-introvert's dream.  All of this time to finish up projects, read, nap, work on starting a garden (Victory Garden?  Virus Garden?), and enjoy my little family.  I'm so glad that I live with Megan and Vivian.

I don't know where this image came from, but I "lifted" it from a local jewelry designers Facebook posts...Dharma Cowgirl.  She always posts the most amazing images!

What I am working on...

A "Nightshift" shawl with the KnitAlong started by Vicki "Knitorious"
An A-line dress kit received just in time from Alabama Chanin's School of Making
Old WIPS...and there are oh so many!
Organizing my bedroom...also always a WIP
Cooking...the pantry is pretty well stocked, and I'm trying to keep things interesting

What I'm bingeing on streaming services:

The Newsroom on Amazon Prime
Burden of Truth (as opposed to Burden of Proof) on Hulu
3 bites of Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu...I also enjoyed the book

What I recommend, if you have the CBS app...The Good Fight.  I loved The Good Wife, and looked forward to Sunday evening to watch the new episodes.  The Good Fight is Good Wife on steroids.  So good, and I look forward to the next season dropping.

Stay safe...be well...wash your hands!

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Mary Knisley said...

So glad I found this today Teresa. Have so much I could be doing with all of this time but lack focus and roam around the house trying to figure out what to do first and what matters.

Thank you for some additional inspiration. Be well.

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