So good...

Life is good.  No bumps in the road, not job stresses,and most important of all, no classes to take until Spring semester.  The most pressing issue I have right now is a Target run on my lunch hour today.  They have the best thin crust pizzas...Archer Farms - Mushroom and truffle oil on a super thin crust.  Believe me, it's divine!  Friday night is pizza night at our house, so Target is a must today!  I absolutely hate the idea of shopping anywhere on a Friday after work, so lunch hour, it is!

I haven't been up to much lately...just schoolwork, work-work, and hanging out at home with Megan and Vivian.  Our summer Netflix watchlist has consisted mostly of watching the entire however many seasons of Grey's Anatomy, with a little Scandal thrown in on the side.  "Crafting" has fallen by the wayside, but I'm ready to start knitting again.  I get the knit bug every autumn, and it fades into obscurity around February.  One of our library locations is having a class on a "Surprise Jacket" for children, and it looks fairly quick and easy.

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