So good...

Life is good.  No bumps in the road, not job stresses,and most important of all, no classes to take until Spring semester.  The most pressing issue I have right now is a Target run on my lunch hour today.  They have the best thin crust pizzas...Archer Farms - Mushroom and truffle oil on a super thin crust.  Believe me, it's divine!  Friday night is pizza night at our house, so Target is a must today!  I absolutely hate the idea of shopping anywhere on a Friday after work, so lunch hour, it is!

I haven't been up to much lately...just schoolwork, work-work, and hanging out at home with Megan and Vivian.  Our summer Netflix watchlist has consisted mostly of watching the entire however many seasons of Grey's Anatomy, with a little Scandal thrown in on the side.  "Crafting" has fallen by the wayside, but I'm ready to start knitting again.  I get the knit bug every autumn, and it fades into obscurity around February.  One of our library locations is having a class on a "Surprise Jacket" for children, and it looks fairly quick and easy.


Spring has sprung...

We're finally having some lovely days here in SW Indiana.  Granted, when the weather turns nice and the trees come into bloom, that's when everyone starts sneezing and sniffling, but at least it is sun-shiny and bright!

 Megan, Vivian and I went to YART a few Saturdays ago.  YART---a yard sale for art.  All pieces are moderately priced, and all are represented and sold by the actual artists.  It's always a fun time, and the weather was perfect this year.  Vivian enjoyed herself, wandering among the artsy booths.
She's kind of a hipster, right?  She loves choosing her own clothing, and nine times out of ten will prefer to be dressed almost like her mother.  Lots of black leggings and t shirts!  She started pre-school a few weeks ago and just loves it.  It's great for her to be around other kids...she's learning lots from both the teachers and the kids.

I love living with Megan and Vivian.  It's nice to be a part of a little family again.



Snow...a real snow.  The amazing thing?  It was forecasted to arrive at 4 PM and it did.  That never happens!  According to the roof of my car, we got about 4 inches (also forecasted!!).  The best part about it though, was that the roads were cleared early this morning and there were absolutely no problems getting to work.  The hardest part was getting the snow off of the center of the top of the car!  It was absolutely "mohawkish" for a bit.

It's unfortunate that work was unaffected by the snow...we were all hoping for a snow day today, especially since Saturdays are a bit slow anyway.