The dust is starting to settle...

11 Chemos down, 1 to go.  The last one (yesterday) had been postponed 4 times, due to either high or low numbers.  Not good, and very frustrating!  I feel fabulous today...but it's a work day!  I'd like to feel fabulous at home so I could get some things put away!

The move...long and drawn out, very exhausting.  If it wouldn't have been for my daughter, it still wouldn't be complete and I'd be paying rent on 2 locations (and it would have made the old landlords pretty angry...they want to renovate so they can attract the new medical school students and personnel.  Too bad they didn't do anything for the past 14+ years!

The new apartment...kinda love it because it's so much smaller and SO MUCH quieter. The exterior of the building needs some serious TLC, but my place has new carpeting and fresh paint.  Makes a huge difference.  I haven't hung anything on the walls...trying to figure out where I really want things.

I cooked yesterday...the first time in about 8 months, not counting throwing a frozen dinner in the microwave, or opening a can of soup and microwaving it.  The weather has turned very cool, so I made a shepherd's pie...a huge recipe, so I brought in single-serve dishes to work for a co-worker and myself. Hope it's tasty!

No crafting adventures lately...no art, no knitting, no Alabama Chanin-ing.  I did have a class at work on Wednesday, altering Altoid tins for Halloween.  Pretty much fun!

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