My little world...

Currently reading:  I See You by Clare MacKintosh (really good so far)

Currently listening to:  The Police and Tom Petty Radio on Spotify

Watching:  Most anything interesting on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.  Live TV...not so much

Amazed at:  Getting packets from China, free shipping...hourglass charms for knitting progress markers. $3.54 for 75.  How does that happen?

Still waiting for:  A dress from China.  The price was right, and I hope the quality is too!  I've decided to start wearing dresses again.  I really like the looks of this one, and I have a few patterns to make some simple dresses.

 Love, love, love the free download pattern from Fabrics-Store.com.

I still need to do the cutting on my Alabama Chanin poncho.  I'm rather afraid to take the scissors to it!  It is the perfect color for spring...blush!


Topsy Turvy World

As noted on my "Facebook Memories", in general February 7 is a pretty awesome day.  I've taken photos of me and my wineglass on the front porch after work on two years.  Yesterday was warm...70 degrees...but wet.  By the time I got home at 6:15, there was no rain, the temperature had dropped to 65 or so, but it was seriously dark!
Feb 7, 2013...a fine day!
This has been a super unusual winter here in Evansville...we've just had one dusting of snow, lots of really nice days folded into regular winter weather days.  Not hard to take, but hard to get used to.


Early February

I started a "kittenhat" for Vivian yesterday morning before work.  Megan will be getting one also. Heck, I might even make one for myself, if only to have a place to pin my button!

What are we...16 days into the new "administration"?  I'm exhausted with all of the shenanigans going on in Washington.  I really just want someone to put their foot down and (A) smash the patriarchy, (B) impeach the president, (C) make our representatives grow up...get it together and make our country what we've always been taught that it is {{although some of us may have skipped school on those days!!}} I've cut way down on news consumption, and I really should just ban myself from Facebook.  I want to know, but I don't want to be inundated...burying my head in the sand will not be a good thing.