My little world...

Currently reading:  I See You by Clare MacKintosh (really good so far)

Currently listening to:  The Police and Tom Petty Radio on Spotify

Watching:  Most anything interesting on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.  Live TV...not so much

Amazed at:  Getting packets from China, free shipping...hourglass charms for knitting progress markers. $3.54 for 75.  How does that happen?

Still waiting for:  A dress from China.  The price was right, and I hope the quality is too!  I've decided to start wearing dresses again.  I really like the looks of this one, and I have a few patterns to make some simple dresses.

 Love, love, love the free download pattern from Fabrics-Store.com.

I still need to do the cutting on my Alabama Chanin poncho.  I'm rather afraid to take the scissors to it!  It is the perfect color for spring...blush!

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