Darkness Falls...

Tonight's the night...er, early tomorrow is the time-- to fall back.  The only real positive for me is that tomorrow morning will be glorious...it will be light out earlier than the current 7:20 am sunrise, so it will be a day to get up really early (for a Sunday morning, that is).  The bad news--I almost always wake up at 5 AM.  Does this mean that for several days I'll wake up at 4AM until my body adjusts? Yikes!

In preparation for the long dark winter, I've pulled out the fleece pj's, fluffed up the quilts, and have made my bedroom nice and cozy. I'm hoping that the fabulous weather we've been experiencing will hang around a bit longer though...I'll take 85 degrees in the first week of November any time!

Tomorrow is my friend Scarlet's open house...she's a full time artist, and she creates beautiful things...paintings, jewelry, journals, notecards...the list goes on and on.

I can't wait to see some of her new stuff!  We're taking a carload to the open house...Megan, little Vivian (her first open house), and my friend Carol.  Fun times...Starbucks after, I'm sure!

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