Central Standard Time, Day 2

Pre-birthday (mine) "portrait" with Vivian Rose
Day one of CST started early, of course.  As I suspected, I was awake at 4AM.  Not so bad...in the general scope of things.  I felt like I was accomplishing lots of things way before 9AM.

I met up with a friend at my daughter's house early in the afternoon, and we all went to another friend's open house, followed by a hang-out at Starbucks.  All in all, a very good morning/afternoon. Since we were a bit thrown off by the time change and changing light patterns, we had either a very late lunch or a really early dinner at the local Mexican Restaurant.  Delicious!

I caught up with Chicago Fire--all of this season's episodes--and promptly fell asleep long before 8PM.

Day 2 has started the same as day 1.  Early to rise.  Way too early!

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