Marking Time

Waiting for Spring...we've had a few nice days in a row here in the Ohio River Valley.  Lots of sunshine, wind, and oh-so-much-milder temperatures.  I think I'll make it!

I've been keeping busy with lots of odds and ends...little and big art projects, a painting class, the Documented Life Project, and a mid-winter getaway.

Here's one of my new "favorite things":
 A collage sheet, microscope slides, and UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel).  No soldering required!  I'm anxious to learn to solder, but I feel that I might lack the coordination to be successful at it.
 Scarlet Fields taught a crown and tiara making class at the library.  Everyone had such a good time!
My Documented Life journal...a junior Moleskine planner loaded (really loaded!!) with watercolor extra sheets and lots of Washi tape.  You know the phrase "everything's better with bacon"?  The same applies to Washi.
This doll head has been the object of my wants and needs for quite some time.  I keep seeing cool things made with doll parts, and now I have my very own doll head (and the arms too).  I couldn't help myself when I photographed her head in my wine cabinet.  While cropping the photo, I saw the meme maker option.  Had to do it.

I'm looking forward to the end of the Olympics so we can get back to regularly scheduled programming...I miss all of those somewhat trashy shows I watch...Scandal, Grey's, Revenge, etc.

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