Fun is just around the corner...

My addiction to Pinterest continues...and it has inspired my programming activities at work.  Don't you just love this artsy little traveling art supplies poster?

 via Pinterest

The group of four crafty things are on the agenda for Quick Holiday Gifts...a series of three programs featuring make and take crafts...glass magnets, ribbon bookmarks, tile coasters, and a sticky note memo set.  Cute, utilitarian, and my favorite...cheap 'n easy.
 via Pinterest

Next on the agenda...a series of weekly classes beginning in October...Fearless Art Journaling, led by Lynda from Bloom, Bake, & Create.
via Bloom, Bake & Create

 And lastly...but really first on the autumn schedule, Water~Paper~Paint, an introductory art series with projects from Heather Smith Jones' wonderful book.  This class will be led by Connie Walts. 
I can't wait!  We're going to have an Artful Autumn around here.


Vee said...

Teresa, it isn't nice to send me off to Pinterest the minute I get here. What caught my attention this time? The magnets. And now I know how to make them and will be doing so myself and the best thing is that I have all the things I need in the house. Oh lovely, lovely.

Stay cool...

Janet said...

I have an invitation to Pinterest and even some followers, but I have absolutely no idea how to get started. Maybe it will rain some day and I will figure it all out. Love the loungeware, I think I need something like that for the steamy days ahead.

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