I've been obsessed by many things in the past few weeks...mini donuts, Lisette patterns and fabrics, art journals, stitcheries, herb and lettuce gardening...random things--but they have engaged me lately.

One of the blogs I look forward to reading every Friday is Under A Blue Moon.  Andrea features her Friday Favorites, and nearly every week there is something that captures my attention.  About a month ago, I was drawn into the world of mini donuts.  It was a Friday Favorite linking to a blog entitled Such Pretty Things. I immediately put the mini donut pan on my "need to buy" list.  Nothing urgent...after all, I'm supposed to be Weight-Watchering.

  While strolling the aisles at Hobby Lobby Friday, searching for yet another obsession...water soluble pastels to create journal pages seen here, I found the mini donut pan in the Wilton aisle.  Two obsessions, one store.  I added cake flour and buttermilk (low fat) to my grocery list.

Saturday morning I woke up with the desire to bake those cute little donuts...the problem?  No cute little sprinkles to adorn them.  I checked out the Facebook page for the local (and very nearby) cake and candy supply shop and found that they opened at 9:00.  White jimmies and two tiny tubs of "petal dust" in hand, I now had everything I needed to make donuts.  I could have purchased colored jimmies, but I wanted delicate, hand-tinted pastel jimmies.  Yes...there is seriously something wrong with me. 

The biggest obsession...garment sewing, of all things...began when I visited Purlbee a few weeks ago.  While I wasn't super fond of the fabric choice on the dress they made, I was intrigued by the patterns.  I visited the designer's website, fell in love with a few of the four patterns available, and off I went to purchase them (while they were super-reduced at JoAnn and Hobby Lobby).  The new patterns are due out any day, along with a fall line of fabrics.  I haven't done any garment sewing for decades, and can't figure out why it sounds so appealing now...and why do I want to start wearing dresses?  Something's up...


Vee said…
You are highly suggestible, just like me. Thanks. Now I feel like making a dress and making mini donuts. :D
Timelesslady said…
Love your post and will check out the links to the blogs you mentioned.
Butet Roberts said…
Hey honey! Just started following you on pinterest. It's so addicting! I jump on my laptop & pin random things whenever I get a few minutes. Love it! I look forward to visiting your wonderful blog in the future. Thanks for your sweet comments on mine!

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