Projects Started...barely

This is what started it all...the settee sitting out in the snow awaiting pickup by the trashmen. I pulled it down the street, turned it end over end up my stairs, and left it in my entryway (on top of a plastic dropcloth) to dry out.  The scent wasn't overly pleasant as it dried, so I sprinkled a bit of Carpet Fresh Linen scent on it.  Two months later, it sits in my dining room...alongside a bolt of Waverly Rose Fairhaven.

A more recently started but definitely not finished project is painting the living room.  I've spackeled all nail holes and so far have just painted above the mantel...Martha Stewart Tobacco Leaf.  At this rate, it will take a month to finish the room. 

I will say that I've been much busier at work in the last month or so.  I've been promoted (yay me!!) to an Outreach & Programming position at a (very) small branch of the library.  It's still really close to my home, but it is so very different from what I'm used to.  The branch is just beautiful...it's a Carnegie library, nearly 100 years old, and it sits alongside a park in an urban residential area.  The building was remodeled a few years ago and they did a wonderful job. 

Got to get busy...lots to accomplish.  By the way...what favorite programs does your public library offer?  Let me know...

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carla said...

Saw you on the My Messy Thrilling Life community thing.

Oh, how I love libraries and schools and church buildings that look like this one. Is it still in use?

And good job finding that sofa and getting it home!

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