How I Spent My Sunday...

It's a beautiful day unlike yesterday.  Yesterday I was content to just cocoon and stay under the radar...flipping through books I've brought home from the library (pretty good ones, too...The Jewelry Architect, Potted Gardens, Garden Whimsy, Home Herbal, Cooking in the Moment, DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner, The Kitchen Garden Cookbook, and my new favorite The One-Block Feast).  The One-Block Feast has a blog on the Sunset Magazine website and can be found here.

 I can't wait until our Farmer's Market and Locals Only Market start up for the season.  This year I'll  be doing some "farming" in the backyard, too.  I currently have quite a crop growing in my front window...parsleys, sage, rosemary, oregano, tomatoes and zucchini.  I purchased a two-part galvanized laundry sink at the antique/flea market in Owensboro a few weeks ago and that will house my herb and lettuce gardens.

My three small things for today:  (listed before the day actually started)
  • Finish getting the sunporch ready for the season
  • Move the galvanized "planter" from the dining room to the garden area
  • Sow lettuce seeds
And as they say on TV, here's what really happened:
  • Transplanted the sage, small tomato plants, Irish moss, Rabbit's foot fern, and sedum;  moved them to the sunporch.
  • Planted the pelletized seed I purchased from Cook's Garden.  Soon (within 3 weeks, or so they say...) I'll have pots of lettuce looking like this:

So the galvanized planter is still residing in the dining room "warehouse", and although I spent some time sprucing the sunporch, it's far from ready for spring and summer enjoyment.  Since I ended up with a fresh new mosaic, I've joined the Little Red House link party hosted by Mary.  Visit & enjoy!

With the 10-day forecast looking mostly like warmth, storms, and clouds, I'll have plenty of time to finish painting and doing other inside things.  Carpe diem.


eileeninmd said…
Sounds like you will be having a wonderful garden and veggies this summer. wonderful photos.I would like to try growing cherry tomatoes.
Wonderful selection of veggies. Good luck this week getting all your jobs done.
Vee said…
You accomplished a great deal! Everything looks like a warm spring day.
Anonymous said…
Very busy day and a lovely mosaic to show for it!
Snap said…
sounds like you are going to have a wonderful garden. i like the cooks garden seeds and catalog. always overwhelmed after I make a list!!!!
Ricki Treleaven said…
I want to grow more herbs this summer. Lovely mosaic!

I am visiting from Mosaic Monday.
Gypsea Nurse said…
Now I know where to go when I am missing an ingredient!
Lovely healthy looking plants. Isn't it fun to get your hands dirty. V
Anonymous said…
Good luck with the planting! I am impatient for the seeds I've sown to grow, already. C'mon, it's been almost a week! Growwww! ;)
My Dream Canvas said…
This looks lovely! Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas
You've made a wonderful start for Spring! OH HOW I LOVE your banner! I'm going back to look at it again! Gorgeous! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower...and I love the shades of lavender! ♥
Timelesslady said…
Hi, found your blog from a shared like of "violets" in our profiles. Love this mirrors some of the things I've been doing this past week or two.