A new day...

Almost every day this month, I've thought about a blog post..but there seems to be nothing much going on in my life to write about.  Sad but true.  I've decided that all of that is going to change, beginning right now!  I'm not saying that I'm bored OR boring (jeez, I hope not, anyway!!), but it seems to take so very little to make me happy.  I'm usually quite content to be at home, either puttering about, or doing absolutely nothing.  All summer long--heck, it's been way longer than that--I've mentally wanted to clean and organize the house.  During other stay-at-home vacations I've had long "to do" lists made...from organizing closets to scrubbing floors and walls...and none of it gets done.  What I'm best at, it seems, is thinking about doing things and compiling lists.  What I'm not so good at is the follow through.  This.must.change...NOW!  Recent spurts of activity...like the beginning of the month cabinet redo...were accomplished by just getting out of my chair and doing something.  Well...I'm on vacation this week and have NO list.  So far, all I've done is transplant  Greek oregano and a rosemary plant into the clearance planters I picked up at Lowe's after work yesterday.  That and try to artfully arrange the kitchen window overlooking the back enclosed porch.  Clutter, clutter everywhere, but by gosh, that window sill is finished!


Vee said…
Funny, I wrote this about myself today...I never finish anything. I think of you as being very content with a simple life as am I. That's not a bad thing. Let's celebrate it and your windowsill looks cozy and terrific.
Mad Red Hare said…
Seems like everyone is feeling the same way. Windowsill looks great. Take baby steps!
it is so hard to finish projects! i have
little ones started all over my house.

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