How I spent my Sunday...

Here's what's for dinner...Moussaka, Weight Watchers style.  The main ingredients are still there, and it's quite flavorful...very low fat, very delicious.

I've been up to my usual things...sitting around doing nothing, mostly--then I get hit with a burst of inspiration and can't stop creating (a mess usually).  Today's spark came from a bit of a cleaning rampage yesterday.  I have a pine jelly cupboard wedged into a tiny corner of my bathroom.  It's stained dark and is kind of primitive.  I had to pull it out of the corner to mop and wax the floor, so I decided it was time to update it.  I pulled pages out of an old foreign language dictionary and ran them through some liquid starch.  They now cover the back and shelves of the cupboard.  The outside of the cupboard has been painted white.  After the paint dries, I'm going to put a bit of antiquing wax on it.  It's amazing what all I pulled out of that cabinet...old makeup and creams, hair things, lots of Megan's old stuff.  It's good to do something like this the day before garbage day!


Page liners...still drying

After...the paint is still drying, but it's finished (except for the antiquing wax).  I put a piece of lace inside the wire opening in front...can't wait to move it back into the bathroom and load it up!


Vee said…
That's cute! Liquid starch, eh? I always wondered how that was done.

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