I hate it when I covet things...

If you've been a reader for a while (and have hung out through my dry spells of blogging), you will know that I love sheds and little garden houses.  Never mind that I don't have a back yard large enough to accommodate even the smallest shed (an outhouse, maybe).  I've been distracted by the article in The New York Times featuring the most enchanting little building I've ever seen.  If you
haven't already, you MUST visit this blog...My Shabby Streamside Studio.
This little building has been featured on many blogs...but I can't get enough of it.  I want one!  The next best thing though, is for one of my friends to have a similar one.  Michelle (Mad Red Hare) has a shed with a loft (sleeping loft), and has been asking her husband to move it closer to their log cabin home, and close to the outdoor pond.  You know how it is with husbands...you ask and ask, and soon nag and nag...and it goes undone...either because they didn't think of it or they just consider it to be too much trouble.  Michelle and I talked about it yesterday...and I'm in...I'll help her move the shed.  I'm sure we can gather together a few strong guys and get it done.  I can't wait to help!
I think it would be great fun to paint and decorate a shed/garden house...lots of gauzy whites and lace...way too frilly for me 95% of the time, but it would be a great escape.

We all deserve a little place to escape, don't we?
Photo credits:
(1) My Shabby Streamside Studio via The New York Times
(2) Country Living Magazine
(3) Shed Chic


Mad Red Hare said...

Teresa, I can't wait for our adventure! I may try to go out and photograph the prospective cabin after bit!

Dena said...

I know just what you mean! I've seen these spaces in magazines and just ooohed and aahhhed over them so many times. We do all deserve a little space of our own though :)


Vee said...

Oh yes! It's a wonderful place to escape. I hope your friend's husband will change his mind or find the time simply because it will mean so much to his wife.

Herbgirl said...

Oh how I dream about having such a place....a little garden cottage fixed up all girly with a daybed for napping in the summer breezes.
Thanks for introducing me to another Indiana blogger.
Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

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