More Sunday things...

Uh oh...I feel a very spontaneous Sunday unfolding; one of those jump out of the chair and do something kind of days. I just unwrapped the crown pin I bought yesterday...the little lady wrapped it in a kleenex--no bag--and I put it in my wallet. Kind of dangerous, since I'm always throwing tissues away. Glad I remembered where it was.
Here's just a small planting in the glass jars. I want to add a bit of moss, but first I think I'll see how this plant does. What else can I get into today?


Vee said…
Yup, that could be downright frightening in my house. That crown pin would've been too cute to lose.

What a good idea for a terriarium...far more interesting than the giant pickle jars I used to use.
Janet said…
Where were you when we were trying to get rid of 2 large boxes of tatting thread and crochet cotton from the House from Hell? Even the nursing homes didn't want it and I forget who I finally roped into taking it.

Happy Easter,