Daffodil Redux

Once again, my friend Carol and I went to the city-wide yardsale in Ferdinand, and then on to Daffodil Days in Huntingburg Indiana.

Armed with $20.00 and a roll of quarters, we hit the sales...

I spent 60 cents on two metal trays (ten cents for one, fifty for the other), cute little unused baby shoes, the white pair in a cute little presentation box--fifty cents a pair, two glass apothocary jars, fifty cents each, a beaded box, 25 cents, a heavy I-don't-know-what-it's-made-of hinged box for ten cents, "pearl" necklace - 25 cents, and a bag of thread for 25 cents--purchased mainly for the ecru tatting thread.

The boxes will be for my growing jewelry business, and the containers will house small plants...mini-terrariums (later today).

The shoes...pin cushion, ala Dawn at the Feathered Nest.
I love collecting trays... there are so many uses for them. On the practical side, I purchased two window screens, the expandable type---haven't seen those for ages, and I need one for a kitchen window that opens to the sunporch. I also purchased a wooden shelf with wrought iron brackets. Out comes the spray paint!
Daffodil Days in Huntingburg was abuzz with people...it was an exceptionally beautiful day and it was nice seeing people out and about. My only purchase in Huntingburg (which I just remembered) was a "pearl" crown pin. Kinda cute and very inexpensive.
I hate the thought of dragging more stuff home, especially since I seriously need to declutter and simplify, but I just couldn't pass up the bargains.


Vee said...

You certainly did well with your roll of quarters! It's really not clutter if you're going to use these things in your projects and if you saved money in the long run. Nope, you were very frugal. I love that box and those little baby girl shoes.

BTW, just have to say again how good it is to have you posting again. I love, love, love seeing that header!

Sue said...

Enjoyed your shopping trip and seeing what you purchased very much. I especially like your new terrariums and jewelry box.

I live in Indiana, too, but I am not familiar with Daffodil Days in Huntingburg...it WAS a great day for it.

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