Back in January, I ordered a velvet strawberry from Andrea at One Hundred Wishes. The berry was made by Kimber Van Heukelom...and it started a mini-obsession. I wanted a little collection of strawberries--from the old fashioned emery pin cushion to the glitzy beaded velvet ones.
I found a few patterns online, and a lovely selection of samples...from Crabapple Hill Studio, and from Martha Stewart's website. Here's a link to a pattern for the grouping of strawberries in the first photo.


It is so great to see you back....and I love the strawberries.
Janet said…

I think we will all feel better when Spring finally arrives.

Vee said…
So excited to see a post that I did a backward flip. Well I did so, too, I can't help it if no one was here to see it.

The strawberries are delightful. I love that felted one. It could start an obsession for me.
Anonymous said…
I too love strawberries. Beautiful pictures. I'm going to go to that link now! Thanks, Pam
Margie said…
How sweet they are! I wonder if I could possibly make one, I think I will have to try it! (If I fail, I will just go searching at some antique stores until I find one!)

Have a sweet day!
Cottage Rose said…
Hi Teresa; I love strawberries, and those are just to sweet for words. I can just see them in a cute little bowl or small cake plate.... I am on my way to check out the pattern...

Dena said…
Oh aren't those cute! I love them all :)

Carolyne said…
I have a small collection of strawberries that I love too. If you are interested in 'lavender filled' strawberries, Jill@BailiwickDesigns makes beautiful ones I have bought from her etsy store. They are *Yummy* to have in your sock drawer :o)
You'll find her store here:
She doesn't pay me......I just love her lavender sachets!
((hugs)) Carolyne