Craving Spring

What I (we all) need is a breath of spring...can't you just smell the scent of these lilacs?

It's been a long, hard winter. Indecision, passing colds & flu back and forth, work, school, and just the darn ice and's all been too much for me. I attempted to hibernate, but that doesn't really work in real life.

It's been ages since I've even taken a picture...I really need to get back in the habit. One week 'til Spring... Spring... Spring! Can't wait!


Kathy said…
Dear Teresa, I have checked here often to see if you have posted, wondering how you were, hoping your absence didn't indicate something too serious....I think winter is too long and I am watching the outdoors for any sign that spring has finally, thankfully arrived. I hope you feel "lighter" as the seasons change. ~Kathy
Mad Red Hare said…
Teresa, good to see you are back at it again.
Margie said…
Ahhhh, yes! I can smell those lilacs! I have a lilac bush that grows outside my powder room window and when I open the window, oh, that wonderful fragrance comes wafting in! I can't wait!

I hear you about taking more pics, I have been slacking over here, too. I don't think I posted anything the whole month of February, and now I'm trying to get caught up!

Have a lovely day!
Margie :)
I LOVE lilacs! Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous picture mosaic!

Yes, Its been a rough winter for me, too. I'm slowly coming out of my cold weather funk and trying to get back into the swing of things.

Nothing like some green leaves and spring flowers poking through the dirt to get you moving again. :)

Yea for spring!!!
Anonymous said…
How glad I am to see you back! My lilacs are budding and I cannot wait for that scent. I lost my purple one to a landscape project a few years ago but I do have a purple Miss Kim. My white full size lilac is right by the front porch steps, just love it. I will have to plant some this spring, my grandma had a huge hedge of different varieties. Heavenly, Pam
Sue said…
SO GLAD to see you back in blogland. I was really beginning to wonder if you were all right!

Yes, bring on the LILACS. My favorite springtime scent! Looking forward to following your blog again!
Rosie's Whimsy said…
I know, I know! I have a hard time being a good blogger in the winter. Seems I am not inspired to use my camera except for product shots! boring..........

Love those lilacs. So beautiful and fragrant!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad to see you're back - and okay. I missed you!!!
I was so delighted to see a new post from you!!