Sitting and Knitting

My Christmas decorating has slowed to a crawl...a cold has overtaken me, and now I have most of my decorations pulled out, but there's just not enough enthusiasm to place them where I want them.
Instead, I've pulled out my bag o' yarn and needles and have been knitting pears. Lots of pears...I don't know why I'm so fascinated by them--partridge in a pear tree, perhaps? I found my copy of Interweave Holiday Knits 2006, and the felting yarn and needles right where I left them a year ago. It's turned out to be just the right-sized project for sitting and knitting.


nanatrish said...

I love your pears. I got my crocheting out this week too. I just feel like with the weather changing crocheting is something I want to be doing. I need to learn more than the basics, but I enjoy it anyway. The pears looks very soft and pretty.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Teresa; Hope you are feeling a little better. My prayers are with you dear friend. Your pears look so cute sure wish I had that talent.
I have all my decorations out only put up tree and lights. I am slow going this year too.

feel better and have a great week


Vee said...

I've been having a good look around this morning...specifically, I was looking for your Etsy shop...how am I missing it?

These pears are wonderful. Anyone who knits has my admiration. I can knit scarves...that's it! I can see an entire tree decorated with them for sure, but even sitting as you have them on the crystal tray is so charming.

Hope that you're feeling better...Zicam and Airborn always work for me.

dec0r8or said...

I came across your blog by way of the randomness of blogland, and I must say, was delightfully surprised to see your knitted pears! A friend of mine needle felts pears, and I love them, but I'm loving your knitted ones too! So cute! I wish I could knit. (I'm a sewer!)

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