Tuesday baking...

Monday evening at home was all that I hoped it would be...very relaxing. I kept putting off a little baking; a co-worker's birthday is today, and I'm bringing in a cake. I seem to do that a lot...put off the baking until early morning. The cake is a simple chocolate one, with a leaf imprint on top and merely sprinkled with powdered sugar. Just a hint of autumn.

Last week I met a friend at one of our favorite lunchtime hangouts--Coffee Cottage & Cafe. The special 'fresh from the oven' treat was the million dollar Pillsbury Bake-off peanut butter cookie. Absolutely outstanding. You can find the recipe here. Prep time vs. return---45 minutes for 24 cookies---but they are delicious!


look absolutely delish...i might have to make some...thanks for sharing.
Vee said…
I'll have to return to try and get it. I tried copying and pasting...not possible. It does look very intriguing.

And your leaf print in confectioner's sugar is a wonderful idea...just a hint to dress up that chocolate cake. Then there's no need for all that gooey icing on every birthday cake the whole year through. How well I remember the sabotage on almost a weekly basis. :D
Pam @ Frippery said…
Hi Teresa, I've been gone over the weekend and just catching up. Loved the condo tour. I am making that bruschetta chicken bake this week, it look yummy. Thanks for sharing, P.