Sunday Morning

Photo: Country Living

Photo: Teresa
Photo: Country Living

Friday morning (pre-crafting) was spent cleaning and rearranging the front porch; I don't have much out there as it is a downtown front porch sitting eight steps up from the sidewalk...plenty of foot traffic and lots of vehicle noise...AND big potential for theft (my American flag and pole two summers ago). I have a very heavy wrought iron bench of those old ones with a pattern of leaves on it...I 'trash picked' a little chair that almost matches it and moved it to the porch, too. A little sweeping and cob-web removal, and it's finished. If someone would steal the wrought iron, I can be assured they would hurt themselves doing so.

I noticed that the hydrangea was ready for another harvest...this time the floral heads are coppery rose and green, and have an almost papery texture. This is a great time to harvest hydrangea for preservation. I clipped off a box full of heads and have them in a single layer to dry naturally. I'd like to do an arrangement like the one in the tin pictured above. A few autumn leaves and some simple and pretty.


Gone said…
Your front porch must look soooo welcoming!! I'd like to come and sit a spell...and maybe sip a cup of tea! I'll bring the scones!

Anonymous said…
I love sprucing up, too. It just makes me feel better.

Those arrangements are beautiful. I can't wait to see what you make.
Unknown said…
Your blog is lovely! So many great ideas...

Beautiful arrangements!!! And as always, great ideas....
cherry said…
I am soo jealous of those that can pick the Hydrangia and dry them. They don't do well where we live. I love them all in a row on your pretty. Loved my visit. cherry
Cottage Rose said…
Teresa; I just love your blog, the photos are so great, and your hydrangea's are gorgeous. They will look so pretty when you get then done. Please take a photo when you are done. Have a great week.

Nerm said…
My favorite flowers! I haven't had much luck growing them-maybe too hot here. Love to look at yours. Show us your porch when it's finished. Love your blog. Nerm
Vee said…
Country Living has that photograph? How'd I miss that one...beautiful! Makes me wish that I had hydrangeas.