In Honor of Tasha...

I've been a fan of Tasha Tudor for many years. Her simple, rustic way of life seemed so appealing...the photo spreads in Victoria and other magazines illustrated an artist marching to a different drummer.

When my daughter was in elementary school, I was her Brownie and Girl Scout troop leader. I would take inspiration from Tasha Tudor's Old-Fashioned Gifts, and we would make things out of this book for special gifts for parents and teachers. This book is a treasure-trove of ideas.


Storybook Woods said…
Happy Tasha Tudor day. I bought that book as a gift for a friend. It was very inspiring. Clarice
Such a nice tribute to Tasha. She was a wonderful artist. I need to check out those old-fashioned gifts. My granddaughter would love to make some neat new things. I always enjoy your blog.
Judy said…
Oh, I now have a NEW Tasha Tudor book to look for!


Kathy said…
Ah, girl scout days.....I remember them well......I will have to be on the lookout for the craft book too. Especially if it is a treasure trove of ideas! Happy Tasha Tudor day to you. ~Kathy
Oooo! Sounds like a wonderful book; I may have to search for it myself!
Glennis said…
Thank you for your tribute to Tasha Tudor. I just learned about her passing from another Pink Saturday post. I have such fond memories of her illustrations in all my favorite childhood books.

Thanks for the reminder and the tribute.
Vee said…
I hadn't realized how many of my blogging friends are fans of Tasha Tudor. It's been fun to read all the different posts and I hope to get to them all at some point. Now I want to find the books and see which ones I couldn't possibly live without.

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