Wednesday at work

Here's where I'll be at 10:30 and 3:30...the Cafe Garden at the library. The humidity is dropping as the day goes on, and it's just beautiful out this morning. After a week of scorching temperatures and high humidity, today is going to be very pleasant. It's so nice to be able to take breaks outside...to get "out" for fifteen minutes and enjoy the outdoors. The cafe is supposed to reopen next month...we've had three different vendors there, and other than the first group when we initially opened the new building, they've all left lots to be desired. I'm ever hopeful that this next vendor will be great; he had a free-standing restaurant on the Main Street walkway, and while we were in the old library facility some of us would walk over there for lunch. Named the Alley Savant, for its location in one of Evansville's many alleyways, it was a hidden treasure.


Anonymous said...

It has been so hot and humid here, too. So far today, it is only 84 degrees. Thank goodness.

Cottage Rose said...

Here where I live in Indiana, the heat is doing better. It is not so humid either, today was a beautiful day, tomorrow it supposed to be the same. My poor garden really needs some attention. And my flowers, so I hope you are staying cool, love the little patio area and the name.


Vee said...

Terribly muggy here, too, but then with four inches of rain every day for days...yuck!

Hope that your new vendor works out because that is a fantastic space!

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