Uh Oh!

I would guess by now, anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis, or anyone who knows me, KNOWS I have a passive/aggressive relationship with books. Even in the past week, I've made several stacks of books to "do away with" in one way or another. While perusing Amazon this morning, I came across this book...Bethany Lowe's Folk Art Halloween. How could I resist? I have several pieces by her (and her minions overseas), and I absolutely love Halloween decor. This book has 30 projects...I can't wait to receive this! On the hottest day of the year--so far--I'm thinking orange & black.


Anonymous said…
I can see why you would be enticed. I have a hard time resisting those books that reach out to me, too.
Cottage Rose said…
Wow Teresa; I love what you did with your book case. The curtain looks great, and your sewing machine is so pretty. Your room is they way I wish mine was. The book looks like it is going to have some fun projects in it. Don't forget when you make some thing from the book please share with photos.
Looks like a good read to me! I too love LOVE Halloween!! Just a big kid, I guess!

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