Pink Saturday

Thanks again to Beverly for hosting another Pink Saturday!
I was going to go a whole different way with Pink Saturday this week, but last night when I was cleaning out the bookcase in the diningroom--in preparation for the new cover-up for it--I came across this incense holder. I bought it primarily for the look of it--it looks heavy and old. I'm not a fan of burning incense, but will put an unburned stick in a floral arrangement purely for the scent of it. My fave--green tea.
The second picture is more what I wanted to express for Pink Saturday. Pink is more than a's an attitude. The author who most expresses this for me is Alexandra Stoddard. I've been collecting her books for ages...I remember getting one out of the library years and years ago...Style for Living...I read and 'studied' that book...and wanted to live that kind of life. I went through a few periods of that, but mostly I fall back into a relaxed living style. I met Alexandra years ago (I think my daughter was in second grade), when she visited our area to do a Town Hall Lecture. Her husband was in attendance, and they were such a 'cute' couple. I took along a few books for an autograph, and she was so gracious to everyone in line...stopping to chat, to sign, and to insert a beautiful grosgrain ribbon into all of the autographed books. Whenever I think of pink, Alexandra Stoddard comes to mind.


Anonymous said…
Teresa, what a perfect pink post.

I adore Alexandra Stoddard. She is such a wonderful example of grace and beauty.

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.
Tracy said…
Your incense burner is lovely, Teresa! I just love incense...sandalwood is my fave. I've always admired Alexandra Stoddard's writing and view of the world--you have great book collection! Happy Pink Saturday ((HUGS))
Dawn said…
The incense burner is very unique and lovely looking.

I liked the story you shared of yoru favorite author! I don't think I've heard of her.

Happy Pink Saturday!
take care,
Alexandra Stoddard has been a big inspiration for me, too. Love your book stack! I Loooooove books!! : ) Happy Pink Saturday.
Hello Teresa!

Happy PINK Saturday! I am also a fan of Alexanda Stoddard! I have all her books!

Anne Fannie said…
Hi Teresa, like your choice of pink photos!
Happy Pink Saturday.
Love, Ann
I'll have to check out this author for some of my summer reading! Looks very interesting! ~Rhonda :)
Peggy said…
Alexandra Stoddard always seems to ground me and make me stop and appreciate all the little/simple things that I am blessed with on a daily basis. Peggy from PA
Heidi said…
HI Teresa, I too have many books by Alexandra Stoddard!...Her views on "beauty" & creating a lovely environment in which to live is so inspiring!...Enjoy you Sunday!...Heidi XO
Vee said…
Very nice post...and I think I really must read one of these classic A.S. books as I never have and now wonder what I am missing.
Unknown said…
I love this, yes pink is an attitude. I love alexandra Stoddard and I have two of her books. Lovely Pink Saturday. Karen
Margie said…
I agree that *pink* is an attitude! And I have a few of those Alexandra Stoddard books as well. I enjoy reading her books, among many other favorite authors. Books are my weakness! I am in the middle of downsizing my book collection, and it is one of the hardest things I must do every once in a while!
Interesting PS post. I've just been trying to catch up this evening! Thanks for sharing your wonderful book collection ~ I'll have to check some of these out!

Angelic Accents
Carrie said…
You do have an impressive collection of Alexandra Stoddard books. I spotted several titles that I have on my bedroom bookshelf. I've also given her books as gifts -- Living a Beautiful Life, Living a Beautiful Life Together.
Anonymous said…
Just read your post about Alexandra Stoddard books. I share your enthusiasm for her style and way of life. It's something I strive for, but never quite attain. I can't say I own every book she ever wrote, but I do own and treasure most of them. They are gems I go back to and re-read often.