Creative concealment project complete!

My little drapery concealment turned out to be a bit more complicated than it needed to be. I temporarily misplaced a little wooden thread holder that holds my big spool of thread on the Featherweight. Not took a little while to find, and then with the pinning of the pleats...well--I wanted to do a 'mistreatment' ala The Nester, but instead ended up pleating, sewing, and hemming my project. So tempting to get out the glue gun, but I would have probably burned myself with it. I still need to load the bookcase, but it really doesn't look too bad...I love the fabric, the price was right, and I finished it in under 24 hours of starting it--pretty impressive for me. All in all, I only spent about 45 minutes actually working on it. The rest was hunting & gathering.


Anonymous said…
That is so lovely and very clever! I adore the scalloped edges and button accents at the top! I can't beleive you did it so quickly!~~XXOO, Beth
Wow, you're good! Love how it turned out, and I'm impressed too!
Anonymous said…
Wow, it looks fantastic. Great job.
Idaho Quilter said…
Hunting and gathering, seems to be my past time lately.
Kim's Treasures said…
Wow very nice! It looks great!
Have a great weekend!
Mad Red Hare said…
Teresa, great job! Love it!
Unknown said…
Gee this looks great. I wish I could sew, I love the idea of cover-up, especially in my art room. This gives me some inspiration. Thanks, Karen
Vee said…
It looks great! Now, because I am nosy beyond belief, I want to push it aside and see what's under there. :D
It looks great, Teresa!
I love hiding things behind pretty fabrics.

Kimberly :)