Not your typical morning at work...

Sharp-shooters positioned on rooftops is not your typical morning in Evansville. Across the way from the library is The Centre where this morning our governor was participating in a 'symbolic' groundbreaking for I-69. Symbolic, because they couldn't hold it where the highway will be built--not enough security to hold back protesters.
For the past two days, they've been setting up barricades all around The Centre; including on the street right outside of our library.
Increased security was in place---it looked like every policeman south of Indianapolis was here to 'serve and protect.' Two sharpshooters were positioned on our rooftop, and two more on The Centre's. By the way...not too many protesters stopped by.


Vee said…
Hmmm, that would be unsettling. Glad that the protestors weren't out...guess sharpshooters would have that effect.
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh - how scary! Is he a very unpopular governor or is it a very unpopular project? I've never heard of something like that for a simple groundbreaking! How scary - so glad it was 'uneventful' for everyone involved!!...Donna

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