Dress Form Tutorial, part one

Supplies needed for the funky home-made dress form:
A large trash bag
Lots of duct tape
Foam insulation
I'm using this wire planter as a form base. I've gotta tell you...I can't wait to do this, and Megan is pretty excited about it too. I'm kind of thinking a little wine might be involved, too.


Vee said…
Forget photos, we want video! LOL!
Anonymous said…
Go for it! I'll bet it will be a lot of fun and I'm anxious to see how it turns out.
Kathleen Grace said…
Well you have my atention! I can't figure out how you're going to do this so it should be fun to see:>)
Junie Moon said…
I'm glad you're taking pictures to walk us through the process. Thank you.